Week #2 Comes to a Close

The VFLL is in week #2 and already experiencing what everyone else is across the Province... a lack of officials. Both Saturday games were able to be played but Sunday's will have to be rescheduled.

The Knights hosted the Phantom in the first game of the evening. With pretty evening 1st and 4th quarters, the Phantom competed hard starting and ending the game on fire. Unfortunately that fire was smothered in the middle of the match while the Knights marched through the middle of the game potting a number of unanswered goals.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Knights: Nathan Harmsworth
Phantom: T.J. Prokop

The 2nd game of the night saw the old guard (Plugs) take on the newest expansion team, the Chill. With the first half of the game being close 5-3 & 4-2 for quarter scores, it was the 2nd half of the game where the Plugs controlled the ball, and never let the Chill get a good opportunity. 

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Plugs: Matt Yager & Cayle Ratcliff
Chill: Colby Hyland