VFLL Week 12 Recap: Who's The Grinch Now?

Getting close to the day in which that merry ol' St. Nicholas comes to everyone's homes to give them a little something on that special day; much is the same for the Victoria Field Lacrosse League. The VFLL's Chill have some season ending commitments and were in need of some players. So... the captain decided to ask Santa for an early Christmas present and the jolly old fat man (not the Commissioner!) delivered! St. Nick visited the dwellers who reside just north of Whoville, atop of Mount Crumpit and they came down the slope to play in the VFLL. I know, you're thinking of the Grinch and Max but nope... it was Bert (Marshall) and Dylan (Laprade) and all of Whoville rejoiced as this insurgence revitalized the Chill this night.

The Turf Monsters started off fast but the Chill's recently acquired 'keeper was able to withstand the bombardment thrown at him. With each save, it dusted off the 20+ years of cobwebs he had on his STX goalie stick. The 'Monsters did solve the wall and took a commanding lead into halftime (7-2) but then something happened that we all know happened on top of Mount Crumpit. The hearts of the Chill grew three sizes at halftime and the Chill came from behind in the third quarter and beginning of the fourth to fight their way back to be only down by a one goal deficit (9-8).

Unfortunately for the Chill, the green monster Grinch's the league knows as the Turf Monsters stole the ball again and only gave it back to the Chill when it entered their net. A very entertaining game to watch as the VFLL heads into the Christmas break.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Turf Monsters: Brayden Upshon
Chill: Bert Marshall