VFLL WEEEK 11 RECAP: Phantom/Diggers... Oh So Close!

The Phantom hosted the Turf Monsters this evening in front of 27 enthusiastic fans. The evening was a tad brisk to start off but the weather held for the night and it produced a great first game. The Phantom started off the scoring but the Monsters rifled off 4 in a row to lead after one. Both teams matched one another for the 2nd quarter where the Turf Monsters held a 7-5 halftime lead. The Monsters controlled the 3rd quarter with ease and took a 12-6 advantage heading in to the 4th but cue the comeback kids... the Phantom scored a couple, then the Monsters replied, then the Purple People Eaters fought back to tie the game with just over 3 minutes left before they left Seve "Sharp-Shooter" Cordero open for the go-ahead goal. Final score: 14-13 Turf Monsters.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Turf Monsters: Hank Wulder
Phantom: Noah Holler

The Chill were all warmed up and rostered up to face the Knights. The first quarter of the game wasn't a highlight for the Chill as they fell quickly 6-1 but they clawed back to win the 2nd quarter 6-4 and headed to halftime only down by the score of 10-7. Unfortunately for the Chill in the 2nd half, the Knights snipers showed up and shot from any and all disguised areas on the field to pull away.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Knights: Zac Milne
Chill: Darcy Rhodes

The last game of the evening was another wildly explosive contest; not tempers but with ball possession and accurate shooting. And everyone knows that the Plugs possess balls longer that any team in the league at this point in the season. Teams traded goals to start the game but then the Plugs possessed that all important "white rock" and scored 3 more to end the 1st up 4-1. The 'Diggers clawed back into the match holding on to the ball a little longer but the Plugs still maintained a 7-3 halftime lead. Then the tides turned a bit with the Goal Diggers holding on to the ball a little bit longer winning the 3rd quarter 4-2, only down by two going into the final quarter. Each team traded goals with the Diggers' winning the quarter 4-3 but they fell short and couldn't get that game tying goal in the final minute and they fell to the Plugs 12-11.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Plugs: James Spence
Goal Diggers: Dane Sorensen