The Victoria Field Lacrosse League's Week #10 had one game cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances and replaced with an annual exhibition match with the UVIC club lacrosse team, a much anticipated match-up prove to be a bit of a snooze-fest and one game rise from the ashes to be the "game of the week" so to speak!

It's the VFLL's understanding that not all players can attend every game. Case in point; players do have families, they sometimes work weekends, evenings, etc., as well... they do have lives outside of lacrosse. This is why the league established its teams to have a minimum of 25 players to a maximum of 30, then you throw in injuries... all take a toll on team rosters.

The expansion teams, the Chill & the Turf Monsters match was postponed and is tentatively slated for Friday December 15th. This game was replaced with the Turf Monsters vs. UVIC in an annual exhibition game to promote lacrosse within the University community and generate interest in the sport within the school.

The VFLL's Turf Monsters suited up to give the UVIC Club Lacrosse team an exhibition game on the friendly confines of the UVIC's field 2B. The home team started off a bit slower than they wanted, as many had to learn some of the rules on the fly. The Turf Monsters held quarter leads of 5-1 and 8-2 at halftime before the UVIC players got themselves composed for the 2nd half. They came out in the 3rd and tied the quarter 3-3 but fell short in the 4th 3-1. All in all, a great first game effort for the UVIC Club Lacrosse team.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Turf Monsters: Liam Kelly
UVIC: Austin

The much anticipated game of the weekend was between the (tied for 2nd place) Knights vs. the (1st place) Plugs on Saturday night. The Knights came ready to play with a decent sized roster but unfortunately for the Plugs, they arrived with 9 players and just started the 15 minute grace period before their 10th (and final) player attended the game. Game On! The Plugs scored first but then the Knights scored the next four. The Plugs tied the game to begin the 2nd quarter but then the injury bug and fatigue plagued the Plugs. After and eight goal run, the Knights would not be caught and the Plugs had to wave the white flag when players went down to injury and could not safely compete to finish the game.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Knights: Rylee Marsh
Plugs: Drew Miles

The Goal Diggers seem to be the most consistent team week in and week out; every week showing up with 10-15 players and doing enough to win games. The Phantom on the other hand, have risen from the dead (2022) and have become the hardest damn working team in the VFLL and it is seen throughout the league. Teams no longer take them for granted. After trading the first two goals of this game, the Phantom took the lead with minutes left in the 1st quarter but the 'Diggers snatched it back to end the quarter. From then on, the 'Diggers would outscore the Phantom 2-1 each time they scored until the final buzzer sounded, ending the game with the score 12-7 for the 'Diggers. A tremendous game to watch. The "Men in Purple" have done some soul searching and have become the surprize of the VFLL in 2023.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Goal Diggers: Doug White
Phantom: Josh Nelson