VFLL Unveils Newest Expansion Team Logo

VICTORIA (September 28, 2023) – The Victoria Field Lacrosse League today unveils the new brand identity and logo for the 6th and newest expansion team in the VFLL. The new creative will be featured on our website, social media, and uniforms including online game broadcasts (when scheduled), on a variety of official VFLL merchandise, at retail outlet stores (coming 2035), and on player cards, bobble head figurines and nighties and in pajamas, onesies (coming soon) and working on a deal with Pampers to showcase the logo on all Swaddlers diapers and Cruiser pull-ups.

Following an extensive design process spearheaded by VFLL Creative Services <lol> (*we farmed out the logo design), in collaboration with a professional design company, the new brand identity and logo features a snow-covered nickname, a cool blue tone, all anchored together by a "no holds barred" ready to play penguin. Note to VFLL teams: The Penguin is mask-less, bringing back the old school characteristics of lacrosse prior to the 90's.

The VFLL and Chill have agreed to a deal with ColdStar Solutions Ltd. that will se6 the ColdStar logo appear on the back of all team pinnies starting this season, the VFLL said. The VFLL did not reveal the financial details of the deal but a source has told ISN (Island Sports News) the deal is worth 1868 Belarusian Rubles over three years.

The VFLL & Chill have signed a three-year deal with ColdStar Solutions to be their principal pinnie sponsor