When it comes to Most Valuable Players in any sport, most fans or voters look to points scored, popularity and who is always on the floor, field, court, etc. and seen as holding a high position within the team. Now let's look at field lacrosse.

There are certainly great players and those playing attack and midfield certainly get the big billing but the defence and goaltenders don't usually get the spotlight... except in this years' Victoria Field Lacrosse League.

Commissioner Tyson Leies presenting Knights Will Chiasson with the VFLL's MVP AwardThis seasons' Most Valuable Player is presented to Wil Chiasson of the Knights. Wil played in all 12 games and led all goalies in all categories this season. He had a remarkable 9.08 GAA, .770 Save%, 9 wins (3 ties) and an astounding 291 regular season saves. In the playoffs, he again led all categories but one, a tremendous feat to say the least. He led the playoffs with a 5.50 GAA, .836 Save%, 2 wins and was second in saves with 56.

You have to be a special kind of person to say you'll tape on a copy of the Sunday funnies to your biceps, some styrofoam to your chest from your most recent Amazon purchase, use a pair of gloves and a helmet that Mom and Dad bought for you 20 years ago when you played Under 13 field or box lacrosse. The only real piece of equipment is your legit purchase of a name brand jock from Kirby's Source for Sports as you need to protect the family from a 110km/hour India rubber ball coming at you from 30 yards away. Cover the little pieces of gear with a pretty nicely coloured and designed pinnie and shorts, that if white, would probably be see-through.

Yup! To wear that little equipment, face 25 shots in a 6x6 goal (not to mention the number of errant shots wide as well), truly takes a special kind of guy! Our hats off to all goaltenders!

Congratulations to the Knights Wil Chiasson, this years' recipient of the league's Most Valuable Player.