VFLL Championship... What's In A Name?

You have heard of the "Final Four", the coveted name of the NCAA Men and Women's Basketball Tournament; taking place right now. You've probably even heard of the "Frozen Four", hockey tournament also emblematic of college hockey supremacy!

The VFLL spent days... no weeks... no months... and thousands upon thousands of dollars to high-priced marketing companies to come up with a name for our tournament; a symbolic yet worthy representation of our field lacrosse tournament. And when company after company failed to "WOW" us and the board exhausted all other marketing avenues, it turned to within.

And what did we come up with? What do we have? The Victoria Field Lacrosse League is nicknaming its tournament... the "ONLY FOUR"!

That's right! It's simplistic, factual and so unbelievably silly, it's the only name that was catchy... and besides, it was the "only" four letter word that came out of our mouths during our brainstorming session that wasn't a curse word! <lol>

Come on out everyone and catch all three games this weekend at the University of Victoria. It's been a great season! We've all had some laughs, a couple of hugs, seen a few tears and now the field season is wrapping up. The weather is supposed to be fantastic! So get out the lawn chairs, warm jackets and Isotoner gloves (*still promoted by Dan Marino) and jump on your bike, in your car, or take a cab and catch your favourite player and team in action. Who knows... maybe you are there to watch the two Vanna's flip the scoreboard? Maybe you're there to see the score and timekeeper make a mistake?

Well, whatever your pleasure... whatever the reason... it has been a pleasure presenting this inaugural season to the fans of field lacrosse across Victoria and surrounding communities. We hope to see you out there!