With the University of Victoria's Men's lacrosse team not participating in active game play in over a decade, this evenings game was exactly what the program needed... a punch in the arm to get it going!

UVIC Men's Lacrosse team President Bradley Carston, Jason Wright (UVIC Recreation Programmer) and VFLL Commissioner Tyson Leies have been working together for a couple of months now to get games scheduled for the program. "Tonight marks the beginning of what we hope will be the first of many exhibition games between UVIC and the VFLL" stated Bradley Carston. "We hope to prove to ourselves, other students on the fence about playing, future students considering coming to UVIC and our University that we can compete and sustain a fabulous program for all to embrace!"

The UVIC Vikes team consisted of 16 players for the game while the VFLL rostered 20. UVIC started off quickly and strong by fighting for every loose ball and we tenacious on defence when the VFLL had the ball. Scoring opened with the Knights captain Cole Christiaens burying a shot top cheddar for VFLL off a beautiful pick and roll with attackman and Knights teammate Adam Golia. Relentless and aiming to prove a point, the UVIC squad surprized the VFLL and rifled off the next 3 in a row (goals by Ben, Karl and Brevin) to take a 3-1 lead. Down by two, the VFLL got the hint that the fellas from Gordon Head came to play. The visitors followed the UVIC goals with 3 of their own (Adam Golia (2), and Jonny Harmsworth) to give the VFLL a 4-3 lead after one quarter of play.

The VFLL were methodical with the ball to start the 2nd quarter and knew the younger legs of UVIC would be a factor, the visiting VFLL lulled the "D" to sleep and then pounced when opportunities arose. If it wasn't for the standout play of UVIC's goalie (Brendan), the quarter could have got out of hand. UVIC started the quarter with a goal at the 12 minute mark (Brevin) and potted one more with 4 minutes left (Jake) but the wisdom and experience of the VFLL showed, affording them a number of uncontested shots off screens and stacks; goals by Ethan Garland (2) Cole Christiaens (2), and Adam Golia gave the VFLL a comfortable 9-5 lead at halftime.

After a brief halftime cheer performance, play resumed. The third quarter was a defensive battle and both goalies shined. The VFLL's Brett Savory replaced Doug White and made some very good saves in close, frustrating the UVIC shooters and holding them to just one goal in the quarter. At the other end, UVIC's Brendan allowed one goal early in the third to Christiaens and another in the middle of the frame to Garland keeping the game close at 11-6.

The fourth and final quarter was the deciding factor. The age and experience of the VFLL was the showcase as the UVIC team continued to show their grit and determination but seemed to be always on the defensive and the VFLL possessed the ball for the majority of the quarter. The only scoring was from the VFLL (Brenden Harstad, Rylee Marsh, Adam Golia, Ryan Lewis, Chase Oickle, Jonny Harmsworth, and Rhys Trepanier-Dawson). With UVIC on "D" for the majority of the fourth and final quarter; the VFLL players were very impressed with UVIC's game play on this evening. The final score of 18-6 was not indicative of how the VIkes played. UVIC played with heart, determination and represented themselves and the school program very well.

UVIC Men's Lacrosse Team President and VFLL's Commissioner will be setting up future contests quickly to provide UVIC with more games and experience as they progress their program in 2023; with a potential goal of joining the VFLL in September of 2023 for it's sophomore season of field lacrosse in Victoria.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
UVIC: Goaltender Brendan (awarded a toque)
VFLL: Cole Christiaens (awarded a toque)
UVIC: Brevin (awarded a lacrosse head cover)
VFLL: Ethan Garland (awarded a lacrosse head cover)