The coveted Victoria Field Lacrosse League will be up for grabs as your defending champions, the Knights will look to reign supreme again in 2024 but the Goal Diggers, Phantom, Plugs and expansion Turf Monsters will be dreaming of raising that Championship Shield this season.

With the final protected team list to arrive in less than 24 hours, team captains and their protected teammates are anxious to see the list of new players and see them performing out on the field over the next two Sunday's at UVIC's field #3.

The Victoria Field Lacrosse League has become much more than your average run of the mill recreational field league. The VFLL has become a welcomed avenue for all players who have missed the discipline since the beginning of the National Lacrosse League.

The 2024 season will see a plethora of players ranging in ages from 18 to Brett Savory ;) The VFLL's membership will be vast; containing players in the Senior division from high school, kids out of secondary school awaiting rides to colleges down in the United States, young men back from college looking to find work here back home with newly acquired degrees... and then we have those guys who are blue collar workers, maybe even tradesmen here in Victoria or maybe even the odd washed up National Lacrosse League player looking to get out with the boys one day a week as an excuse to have a beverage at the local pub after a game. Heck, there are a few Dad's looking to compete on the field with their kids, or compete against them so they can show them who the alpha male still is... or isn't <lol>

The next two Sunday's we'll be at UVIC's field #3 for 12pm and 2pm game starts. Bring water with you, it may just be another warm weekend! Remember... $15 gets you on the field and against the best or moderately average players we have vying for draft spots in the VFLL. 

WE NEED ALL PINNIES RETURNED ASAP! If these are not returned, we will not commence the season on October 1st.!!!