Knights Take On Team Cullen in Week 2 Match-Up

The Knights (0-0) begin league play versus Team Cullen (0-1) on Sunday evening at the University of Victoria at 7:15pm.

Spectators can catch the game for free on field #3 tomorrow evening... free parking in the stadium parking lot off McGill Road behind the Michael Williams Building. There is limited seating behind the players, so it's best to bring a chair and sit opposite the players benches.

The Knights captained by Cole Christiaens are ready for the Cullen's and its rumoured both teams have been talking smack to one another all week in preparation of this match-up. However you look at this game, the loser will have sole possession of the VFLL basement after Sunday nights game.

Christiaens is noted saying "Team Cullen won't have a chance against his young and athletic offence; their team can't keep up and it will be obvious in the 2nd half!" When asked about Team Cullen's offence and leaders in transition, the Knights captain said "What? the yielder realtor? <lol> We have a longpole that can cover Dane Sorensen and that attack clan. They just won't have an answer for us!

When questioned about the Knights comments, Team Cullen's captain Guy Cullen only had this to say... "People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones!" "You can't make a save or score on every shot... but against the Knights, we're gonna give it a damn good try! <lol>

Catch the action folks, tomorrow night as the Knights (black jerseys), face Team Cullen (white jerseys). Dress warmly and bring yourself a hot beverage. Lacrosse is back!