Knights Get Scare, Keep Record Untarnished

Well folks... it must be getting close to playoff time! Why do you ask? The competition is getting fierce and each game is just getting a little more exciting to watch! Case in point... last nights' match between the undefeated Knights and the second place Goal Diggers.

The Goal Diggers opened the scoring on a goal by Colten Merilainen, followed up with another by Matt Benedict within the first 3 minutes. The Knights Adam Golia cut the lead to one just over a minute later. A few minutes of back and forth action and some great saves by each goalie (Wil Chiasson and Brett Savory) provided the spectators with some good entertainment. Then out came the bazooka cannon from the GD's Brennan Cullen almost lodging the ball in the top corner where Momma keeps the cookies, giving the 'Diggers a 2 goal lead once again. With just under three minutes left in the quarter, midfielder Chase Jaeger of the Knights breaks free from his own end, sprints 50 yards and dumps to captain Cole Christiaens who then does a sauter to get around a defender, then tourners' his way around a slide and then jetes himself across the crease to beat Savory under his glove to end the quarter with the Goal Diggers holding a 3-2 lead.

There were only three goals scored in the second quarter, all by the Knights within a 4 minute stand; which proves that if you let down just a little, teams can capitalize. The 2nd quarter scoring for the Knights were: Matt Jung, Cole Christiaens and Parker Johnson. The Knights Wil Chiasson was his true spectacular self in goal while the 'Diggers Brett Savory seemed to be a tractor-beam for shots as most of what was thrown at him, he seemed to get a piece of or he caught, which kept the game close. The halftime score was 5-3 for the Knights.

The Knights scored 3 goals in the first three minutes of the third quarter, taking a five goal lead and the game seemed like it was spiraling for the 'Diggers. A few lost loose ball opportunities from the Knights in the middle of the quarter provided some spark to the Goal Diggers. Three unanswered tallies and a fourth with :19 seconds in the frame rallied the GD's but still gave the Knights a 8-7 lead heading into the final stanza.

Colten Merilainen and Rylee Marsh push the bikini clad 'Diggers past the Knights early in the fourth. Then the Knights ride their valiant steeds over the next 10 minutes giving them two more goals and then Brayden Zunti pots another with just 1:21 left to play in the game to give the mid-evil fellas an 11-9 lead. Then the game got interesting again. After losing the draw and grabbing the loose ball, the GD's Ryan "Club Fed" Fedrigo scores with :59 seconds left to draw within one. Next F/O, Mr. "I'm A Vacation Destination" Fedrigo snipes another to tie the game at 11 a piece. The Knights with the face-off win, call a timeout hoping to draw up some last second heroics with :16 seconds left but a tipped pass and poke-check runs the clock out in this entertaining first game of the evening.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Goal Diggers: Rees Cullen
Knights: Wil Chiasson

The second game of the evening had the Phantom facing the Plugs. The resurging Phantom had many of their players returning from injuries, some settling their contracts with ownership and others getting the "okay" to play from their significant others. All joking aside, those in attendance were ready to play! Unfortunately, many players didn't coordinate their game schedules with their work and sleep schedules as the Phantom had to regrettably forfeit their match due to insufficient amount of players.

Not to waste the evening, they were loaned bodies to give them enough to play. An fun game was played and everyone was on their best behaviour. The game saw the Plugs electrify the Phantom on occasion but the undead apparitions played an outstanding game, only falling short in the fourth quarter due to a lack of bodies.

The sportsmanship in this game was outstanding. Many players falling down or losing their balances during a shot or when fighting for a loose ball, often got helped up by the opposition, received compassionate words of wisdom and encouragement as the play carried on. You even saw players patting each other on the backs, the occasional pat on the buttocks (welcomed) and we even witnessed a "hug" between two players, leading to one of them being so overjoyed with emotions, he told his teammates he needed to sit out of the rest of the game. No phone numbers were exchanged, but you could certainly see the passion in their faces.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Phantom: Karl Hare
Plugs: Ryan Lewis