In an effort to grow the game of field lacrosse in Victoria and abroad, the Victoria Field Lacrosse League (VFLL) and the University of Victoria Vikes Lacrosse Club (UVIC) will be participating in an exhibition game on Thursday January 19th @ 6:00pm at the University of Victoria Turf Field #3.

This game will showcase the sport for the UVIC Lacrosse Club, its students, the VFLL and the Vancouver Island Field Lacrosse League (VIFLL). With sporting numbers declining after COVID, field lacrosse has also seen its numbers decline over the past two seasons. Why? There are a number of reasons when you ask players, parents, clubs, leagues and officials but the majority all want to see field lacrosse thrive once again. Here is a step in the right direction!

This exhibition game for UVIC will promote the sport across its campus; drive and generate increased awareness and participation from its student body and encourage graduating secondary school students to attend the University of Victoria not only for its academic and scholastic studies, but for the wonderful athletic programs the University has to offer.

The Victoria Field Lacrosse League was created to provide players of high school age and up with a place to play field lacrosse in an organized setting. Players have a range of different skill-sets and have been balanced on teams to provide equal opportunity to play and still play in a competitive setting. Students playing in the UVIC lacrosse program are 18 to 25 and will fit right in with the VFLL players currently involved in league play.

The interest in the VFLL is already spreading! The league started with three teams and quickly rose to four with a number of players seeking interest in September of 2023 for a fifth team. This exhibition game and more to follow will hopefully increase interest to expand to six teams with the inclusion of the UVIC lacrosse team.

Also in the works for the VFLL is to branch off and create a Women's Field Lacrosse League in September of 2023 and increase interest in the wonderful Women's game.

Interested in watching? Sit in the bleachers, bring a lawn chair for the concrete pad at the field, bring yourself a hot beverage and dress warm! The VFLL and UVIC would love your support. Visit our Facebook page for daily updates, news, questions and contests (