Christmas Cheer or Christmas Coal?

A single game on the agenda for the final week of Victoria Field Lacrosse League play before the Christmas break. The Phantom had started off short-manned and a bit slow in the first half of its last game but won the 2nd half. Which Phantom team will show tonight against the Plugs? Will it be the ghost of Christmas future... or the ghost of Christmas past?

The Plugs are a team of crafty veterans and always seem to manage a game nicely; to take a lead and keep it, to keep a game close for a chance of a victory or a close decision. The Phantom have made some recent acquisitions in hopes of bolstering their roster prior to the last game before the break.

Will we see Spence and P. McMillan maintain the "charge" for the Plugs or will we see the father and son duo of the Rants' lead the apparition to their first victory of the season? Either way, there will be Christmas cheer and Christmas coal being handed out tonight.

With this being the last game of the 2022 calendar and the next games taking place on January 8th, 2023; on behalf of the league officials (Andy, Cody, Nathan, Nico, Nolan, and Rob) and league executive (Andrea, Darren, Linda and Tyson), we would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season!