Chill, Knights and Plugs Victorious - Week #3

The Chill and the Phantom took to the field in the first game of the evening; both teams looking for their first win in the Victoria Field Lacrosse League. Both teams looked evenly matched as the Chill took a first quarter lead 4-3. The 2nd quarter, the Chill cooled their competition dominating the frame, taking a 10-3 lead into halftime.

The Phantom then scared themselves straight as they came out for the third quarter taking the game to the Chill and having Prokop make some valued saves as they climbed back now only down 11-7. Unfortunately for the Phantom, the Chill got warm as both teams traded the fourth quarter in scoring and the Chill getting their first "W" of the season.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Chill: Ryder Bateman
Phantom: Noah Holler

Two teams that were evenly matched in 2023 faced each other in the 2nd game of the evening, with the Goal Diggers taking on the Knights. The 'Diggers jumped out to a four goal lead, then the Knights tied it up by quarters end. The 'Diggers then took an 8-6 lead into halftime but the Knights showed why they are the defending VFLL champs by winning the 2nd half 7-1 and the game, 13-9.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Goal Diggers: Rainen O'Kurley
Knights: Nolan Morrison

The cagy veteran Plugs held the young Turf Monsters at bay for the first three quarters of this game, outscoring their opponents 17-5 over the first 3/4 of the game. The young guns didn't quit and outscored the Plugs 5-1 in the final stanza but it wasn't enough to close the gap any further.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Plugs: Liam Phillips
Turf Monsters: Liam Kelly