All Four Teams in Action Tonight

The Plugs (1-0) take on the Knights (0-0-1) this evening at the University of Victoria field 2A at 5:30pm while the newest team in the league; the Phantom take on the Goal Diggers at 7:30pm on field 3.

All spectators can catch the games for free on this evening... free parking in the stadium parking lot off McGill Road behind the Michael Williams Building. There is limited seating behind the players, so it's best to bring a chair and sit opposite the players benches.

This is the first weekend where all 4 teams will be in action so if you can brave the cold and dress warmly, you'll be in for a treat of exciting field lacrosse action... 3 hours worth!

Catch the action folks, tonight as the Plugs (white jerseys) face the Knights (black jerseys), and then in the 2nd game of the night, the Phantom (white jerseys) take on the Goal Diggers (black jersey). Dress warmly and bring yourself a hot beverage. Lacrosse is back!