If you listened to the weather network and saw the forecast and said to yourself... "I think I'll take this weekend off", then you missed playing in or watching some good lacrosse to end week #8.

A make up game from earlier in the season saw the Goal Diggers jump ahead of the Turf Monsters in the first half of their game and cruise to victory on our first Friday 'Nighter of the season. Liam Kelly, Seve Cordero and Rhys MacDonald did most of the damage for the 'Monsters but who stole the show was the 'Diggers Guy Cullen who finally took off his full body harness, spurs and dropped the chainsaw to sprint both ways to lead the 'Diggers to victory.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Goal Diggers: Guy Cullen
Turf Monsters: Rhys MacDonald

Who would have thought it would take a year and 8 weeks (21 games) for the Phantom to get their first "W" but what a "W" it was! Another game the Chill played short handed with players away at academies or injuries but they never said die! The Phantom put a spell on the Chill and took a 6-1 lead after one. Then they disappeared and the Chill cooled their opponents down and fought back to close the gap at halftime. Then the weirdness happened... the Phantom shut out the Chill in the third quarter, then fell asleep and the Chill chipped away and shut out the Phantom in the fourth quarter but it just wasn't enough as the Phantom got their first victory and climbed out of the VFLL basement with a 12-10 win.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Phantom: Dylan Anderson
Chill: Josh Fagan

When your coach says "Offense wins games but defence wins championships", listen to them! Although this game wasn't for the Championship, it definitely played like one as the Plugs outscored the Turf Monsters by a goal each of the first two quarters and then tied in the final two as this game was a battle of goaltenders. The Plugs Dan Ormiston (22 saves) and the 'Monsters Bryan Toth (25 saves) played lights out in this match with the Plugs taking the win by just two goals (11-9).

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Plugs: Dan Ormiston
Turf Monsters: Bryan Toth

In the final game of the weekend, the Knights faced the Goal Diggers with a crowd of 20+ wearing their recently purchase league/team toques and some with electric blankets... it was a cool evening but a great one for lacrosse! With their swords drawn, the Knights had their army ready for battle while the 'Diggers core group of bikini clad merry men arrived with enough +one to play; and let me say... the lips on the GD's shorts weren't on display just for show... it was to show the league that full rosters are over-rated <lol>. These two teams played evenly matched the whole night and a number of players shined but que the extra goal in the 1st & 4th quarters for the 'Diggers which gave them just enough to upset the Knights on this night 13-11.

HeadCase Sportz Players of the Game:
Goal Diggers: David Byrne
Knights: Cody Clark