2024 VFLL Protected Lists

The Victoria Field Lacrosse League's member teams (Goal Diggers, Knights, Phantom and Plugs) have submitted <some with help> their protected lists for the upcoming draft. Each team was to select 10 runners regardless of position (attack, midfield, defence, LSM, M/FO, back scratcher or towel boy) and 1 goaltender for the upcoming season.

A large number of new players are committed to the 2024 season along with all returning players (unprotected) and potential for many U19's should bode well for the league and its resurgence since being re-established in the fall/winter of last season.

To view the four teams' protected rosters, visit the teams page.

If you follow the Victoria Field Lacrosse League and are a "new" player wishing to play in the VFLL for the upcoming 2024 season, you must send an email to victoriafieldlacrosseleague@gmail.com with "Sign Me Up" in the subject line. Please provide your first and last name, DOB, position, hand and cell number to be eligible for the draft.

Those players wishing to play in the VFLL after the draft will be required to register, pay their registration fee and then will be placed on a team as selected by the VFLL Executive based on needs and balance - if there is roster room. If there is not, you will be put on an eligibility list and when a roster spot opens up, you will be asked to submit registration payment and given that spot.


If you are interested in sponsoring the VFLL, please contact us by emailing victoriafieldlacrosseleague@gmail.com with your contact information and we will gladly speak with you about the opportunity! The fire has been rekindled in many field lacrosse players in Victoria and surrounding areas. We'd like you to be part of the excitement!