VFLL Teams to Submit Protected Lists

Reminder to all VFLL players (current & wannabee's)... All 4 team captains and alternates have received copies of all team rosters. They have until 6pm on Saturday August 19th to "protect" 10 runners (any position - A/M/D) and 1 goalie from their roster from last season.

These protected lists will be posted on Sunday August 20th at 6pm under Teams and then Rosters. The remaining players will be eligible to be re-drafted in September after 3 drop-in sessions where they will play and be "scouted" by other teams in the league.

Any "new" player wishing to play in the VFLL for the upcoming 2024 season must send an email to victoriafieldlacrosseleague@gmail.com with "Sign Me Up" in the subject line. Please provide your first and last name, DOB, position, hand and cell number to be eligible for the draft. Those players wishing to play in the VFLL after the draft will be required to register, pay their registration fee and then will be placed on a team as selected by the VFLL Executive based on needs and balance.

*THERE WILL BE NO "GAME BY GAME" PLAYING! If you start late or have to leave the league early, it is full registration fees.


The newest team in the VFLL will be able to select 10 players and 1 goalie who are not currently on a 2023 VFLL team roster; those players will be submitted and verified before the draft.


The trading of players during or after the draft is permissible upon submission and approval to the VFLL Commissioner. No trading of players permitted to provide another team with enough rostered players to play a game and the traded back; a player cannot be traded back to his original team in the current playing season. No trades to take place after December 1st at 11:59pm.